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Sustainable Construction Awards

IV EDITION. 20011-2012.

On December 13, Valladolid held in the Presentation Day Fourth Edition of the Sustainable Building Awards Castile and Leon 2011-2012. The event was held in the RESP, and was attended by D . Antonio Silva Rodriguez, Director of Development and Environment of the Junta de Castilla y Leon and D. Dobarco David Lorente, Chairman of the Construction Institute of Castilla y Leon. Sustainable Construction Awards of Castile and Leon are granted by the Department of Development and Environment of the Junta de Castilla y Leon, on a biennial basis and framed in the strategy pulse and promoting improved quality of life of our urban environment and the environment.

Sustainable Construction Awards of Castile and Leon is in its fourth edition after the success in the three previous editions and the significant increase in participants last. With the announcement of the awards is to distinguish building projects and activities that provide innovative ways of improving environmental performance. During the Presentation Day became known the timing of the Sustainable Building Awards Castilla y León, the timing of presentation and the categories involved.



» December 13, 2011
Presentation Day Fourth Edition

January 31, 2012
Collection of inscriptions

» March 30, 201
Presentation documentation

» September  2012
Selection of finalists

» October 2012
Interviews with finalists

» November 2012
Jury meeting

» December 2012
Delivery Awards




26 de Enero 2012
Taller Presentación Online
IV Edición

13 de Diciembre 2011

Jornada Presentación de la
IV Edición

16 de Diciembre de 2010

Fallados los Premios de Construcción Sostenible

1 de Diciembre de 2010

Premio de Honor y Premio Proyección Exterior

25 de Junio 2009

Taller Construcción
Sostenible en Valladolid

19 March 2009

Presentation of the 3rd Edition in Brussel




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Castilla y León Regional Goberment.
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